We offer head-to-toe massage experiences as well as targeted relief to problem areas. Each treatment will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and glowing.

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Pevonia Stone – Rejuvenate, Revitalise & Renew

A complete cleansing and massage ritual. Includes a facial, body polish, massage and stone placement. The skin will be left cleansed, glowing with health and vitality whilst the body’s tension has melted away. The ultimate and complete head-to-toe experience.


Duration: 120 mins.         |         Price: €140

Pevonia Stone – Relax, Stimulate & Unwind

A sensory journey for a complete holistic approach to relaxation. Stimulates the body’s own ability to release stress and restore peace, bringing about a state of deep relaxation. Mind and body are rebalanced and skin is left glowing with health.


Duration: 9o mins.         |         Price: €120

Tension Relief Back Massage

Targeting tension and stress in the back neck and shoulders.


Duration: 3o mins.         |         Price: €35

Stress Elimination Massage

Relax and rejuvenate aching muscles while experiencing maximum hydration. The application of a micro-emulsified massage oil enriched with geranium and orange essential oils, inspires a superlative massage experience and transports you to a state of sublime tranquility.


Duration: 6o mins.         |         Price: €65

Marine Magnesium Instant Relief Therapeutic Massage

Experience immediate relief from stiff, aching muscles and sore joints as you are transported to an oasis of therapeutic relaxation. This body recovery targeted massage features a highly concentrated, pure and natural marine magnesium (extracted from the mineral rich waters of France), formulated for immediate absorption and proven alleviating benefits. An effective pain management and de-stressing treatment, it works quickly to relieve fatigue, muscle cramps, and muscular inflammation while nourishing your body and spirit with remineralising and wellness induced benefits. Ideal for arthritis, muscle tension, post-sports and more. 

Duration: 6o mins.         |         Price: €75




Moor Mud Muscle Relief Back Wrap

A luxury back treatment to help muscular tension, aches and pains bringing forth a thermal action flushing out the build up of lactic acid. Includes back, neck and shoulder massage.

Duration: 6o mins.         |         Price: €70